The Dip’s the graveyard of dreams! This is the place where most of us give up. It is the place where we are tried and tested, it is the part of the journey where many weary travellers get lost and turn back to find a safe harbour or a less demanding route.

As I walk with people on their journeys of life, it appears that The Dip does the same thing to all who set out on their journey. It is in The Dip that our frailties are exposed. For some, The Dip will trigger their simmering anxiety, others will face growing self-doubt or any myriad of latent complexes that may well have simmered below the surface until the person was tested.

James Hollis identifies two significant complexes that are often triggered in the “dip experience”. Both are incredibly powerful and destructive.

  • The first is the “Rejection Complex”
  • The second is the “Overwhelm Complex”

I think of these as the “Dip Demons” as this is often when we see them manifest.

The Rejection Complex manifests in a countless number of ways but always has an underlying tone of not being good enough, not being wanted, being on the outside, not being worthy. As with any complex, these feelings would have a long personal history with the person almost always rooted in childhood experiences.

The Overwhelm Complex may be triggered when the going gets tough. This leaves a person with the sense that it is “just too much” or that the mountain is just too high to climb. This powerful complex when activated, leaves the person feeling like they are spinning out of control.

Apart from our frailties being exposed and a possible or likely encounter with the “Dip Demons”, the dip is also a place that requires sustained effort. This is the place of the hard slog. Here, persistence is required. This is where we are often alone and have to dig deep…