Parker Palmer has a famous quote:

“Awareness precedes Being”

The very first step of handling the Dip Demons – or any complex – is to become aware of what is happening. Until we know a complex exists, we cannot deal with it. Without awareness we have nothing! Our first requirement is, therefore, to begin to see the patterns of our lives.

Complexes are consistently triggered by certain events.

  • “rejection complex” is usually triggered when a person is exposed in some way – or feels they have been excluded. Being overlooked or ignored are strong triggers for a person with a rejection complex. Once identified, the person can begin to work on/ with/ through the complex.
  • The “overwhelm complex” is often triggered when life piles up or when difficult things need to be faced. Often, at these times, we are left feeling inadequate – or just that it is all too much.

Jung famously indicated the power of complexes when he said, “Sometimes we have a complex – and sometimes IT HAS US”.

There have certainly been times in my life when the complex HAS HAD ME. Once identified, dealing with long-held complexes is a necessity, but difficult. Once we have awareness of what is happening, the second step is ownership.

We need to stop blaming and own our responses!

At some stage, it is no longer Mum and Dads fault, or your teachers, or difficult childhood, your ex-partner or whatever may have caused the complex pattern.

Life happens to all of us and each of us needs to come to a place where we take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for our lives. This is a pivotal moment in every person’s life. This is probably the start of growing up.