Soul Trekking – LivingReal
How many people?

Typically we facilitate groups of 10 individuals on each program. These individuals can incorporate all of the following:

  • Men and women over 18 years of age.
  • Couples, Married or Unmarried (no discrimination on sexual orientation)
  • Families, including single parents and children.

The base program is run on a calendar month basis. We believe this is the necessary time required to allow this deep journey to take place.


2020 Course Dates

Friday 30th October – Sunday 8th November (9Nights)

Register your interest?

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What is soultrekking?

Ever wondered, “How did I get here?”

For most of us, our first 30 years, “just kinda happened”. Yes we make decisions, but do we really? School is not an option…that just happens. Then uni or a trade or work. Yes we make decisions but a lot of these also sort of happen. Chances are if you got good grades at school you went off to Uni and became some sort of professional. If you are practical then it was probably nursing or some sort of trade. If you are a Christian, you probably met boys and girls at youth and chances are you married several years younger than your non-christian friends. If you grew up on a property you most likely drive a ute (I still do) and drink more beer than most. I think you get the picture…

So what has this to do with Soultrekking? My hope is that Soultrekking will give an individual a space, a special time, to draw aside and take stock of their life. This is an opportunity to call “timeout” and have a time to reflect and do some re-orientation. As the process takes effect, it seems that change usually occurs after one of two options.


Soultrekking is there for both options. The in-congruent life will normally precipitate in crisis. These take many forms but often involve marriage breakdowns, health challenges or mental illness such as anxiety or depression. Usually before the crisis there are many warnings. My hope is that people heed these warnings and draw aside before the crash.

Soultrekking has a very specific focus. We aim to provide a safe environment where you can come aside and re-evaluate. This process will include 4 specific focus:

  • Connecting with Myself (Connecting within)
  • Connecting with my God
  • Connecting with Nature and the Earth
  • Serving the Community

The time spent on a ” Soultrekking Retreat” is open ended but cannot be rushed. There are no rules except that connecting takes time. The amount of time will vary with each individual and will depend greatly on where you are at in your life.

You Can’t Avoid the Desert

We live in a world where we avoid pain at all cost. Our entire system is set us to keep us safe. By and large this is a good thing but the problem is we get so used to it that we end up living very small, safe lives. Thereou said, “The bulk of men lead lives of quiet desperation”. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want that life…….

As I look at my heroes I see that all of them had a “desert” experience. Mandela’s decades in prison formed one of the greatest men to come out of Africa. Gandhi’s life was punctuated with “desert” experiences. Even Jesus endured 40 days in the desert and then daily excluded himself for times alone. WHY?

An ancient scroll that is called the Gospel of Thomas has a very powerful statement. It says this:

“If you find that which is within, then that which is within will save you.
If you do not find that which is within, then that which is within will kill you.”

Mandela found something extraordinary within to become possibly the greatest leader Africa has ever had. Gandhi, well he was prepared to pour out his life for his people and Jesus became the Christ who forever has set the standard of how to live and die. I have come to believe that we have to choose our lives. As Dante says, we have to enter the dark forest. If we are to live our own “authentic” life, then at some stage we need the desert. We need the time out, we have to honour the appointment with our soul.

Soultrekking aims to foster this opportunity. There are no guarantees of any outcome, we merely offer a space and a process to help you look within and find “YOUR TRUTH”. What that looks like, is up to you. What you do with it, is up to you. Our hope is that you will find the fullness of who you are.

Any questions? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.