Marriage Seminar – LivingReal

About the Course


Unfortunately Christian marriages face all the same challenges as non-Christian marriages. Research indicates that divorce in the church is very similar as it is for non-church going couples. Furthermore pornography usage and other statistics appear to be similar in and out of the church. (Christian women’s use of porn being the exception but men are sadly the same). This being said, the need to address Marriage in the church is essential and clearly what has been done over the past generation has not addressed the problem.

LivingReal is strongly opposed to some of the popularist seminars doing the rounds. The seminars offered are based on decades of proven Marriage Counselling research and address the fundamentals of what a good Marriage requires. These seminars are interactive and require couples to interact vulnerably with each other in a safe environment.

Who is the course for?

The LivingReal Marriage Seminars are run for churches who have a passion for helping members develop healthy, vibrant Marriages. The seminars are for churches who understand that there are many practical teachings necessary to help modern couples and families negotiate the ever changing world where roles and responsibilities are no longer as clear as they were for past generations.


Some of the key topics covered?
  • Intimacy. How this occurs and the importance of connecting at the heart level.
  • Conflict resolution. How to disagree without causing damage.
  • Communication. Saying what you mean, and hearing what they have said.
  • Sex: Its essential role in Marriage and how to maximise this gift.
  • Handling emotions and how they can destroy the capacity for communication.
  • Some of the biggest Marriage killers. Including Laziness, Neglect, Taking each other for granted and not meeting each other’s essential needs.
  • Research : 4 horsemen and the 5:1 ratio.
  • Gridlock and how to get out.
  • Is there a time to get out of a toxic marriage.
When are the courses held and where?

Course are held throughout the year in churches across Brisbane and Gold Coast. If you would like to find out more information about hosting these Marriage seminars at your local church please get in touch.


What is the length of the course?

There are a number of different ways the Marriage Seminar can be held at your church,

  • A weekend seminar including two days or
  • Weekday night seminars stretching across either 3 or 6 nights.



The cost of the seminars is determined by the size and requirements of the individual church. For information on how we can host this life changing seminar please get in touch.

Any questions? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.