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About the Course


The course helps you articulate who you are and what you believe, and then moves on to look at areas where you may be getting stuck from living your best life.

The shadow is unpacked in a safe environment helping people understand the deep unconscious drivers of our lives and why we often do the thing we don’t want to do. Group and Individual safety is fundamental in this vulnerable journey.

By the end of the course each individual will have a clear understanding of themselves and the necessary behaviours that need to be understood and addressed in order for the person to live purposefully.

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who wants to understand themselves better. You don’t need to be in counselling or coaching, the course aims to help anyone, who is willing, along their journey of finding their own unique ‘Who am I’.


Some of the key topics covered?

This practical course will help individuals articulate:

  • What are my values
  • What do I believe
  • What is important to me
  • What do I need


When are the courses held and where?

LivingPurposefully is held as both a men’s and woman’s course separately. Each course can only accommodate a maximum of 10 individuals.

This course is held in Sheldon, South Brisbane.

How long is the course?

The course runs for 8 consecutive weeks, each session is held in the evening from 6:30pm, and generally runs for two hours each week.



Course cost is $420 if paid upfront OR $60 per session.


2020 Course Dates
LivingPurposefully Woman’s Course

Wednesday 25th March – Wednesday 13th May

LivingPurposefully Men’s Course

Tuesday 24th March – Tuesday 12th May


To book your space please contact

During this course Andy’s undeniable passion and insight guided me towards a deeper understanding of myself and who I want tobe. It also strengthened my resolve to keep learning and growing and even had a positive impact on my fitness. Thank you Andy


I wish I had done this 10years earlier, this course has helped me to articulate who I want to be, and what I need to deal with to get me there


This course has provided the opportunity for me to explore and challenge the things that are driving me with an amazing and supportive group of victorious women.


I couldn’t recommend this course enough -it has forced me to become vulnerable and step out of my comfort zone into a world filled with healing and wholeness! It allowed me to strip down the hurt and anger and understand my own self-worth! I met some incredible ladies along the way -feeling truly blessed.


This course has taught me the strength of will inside me to make some positive changes in my everyday life, and to allow myself to set clear boundaries with those around me. It has also allowed me to meet and engage with a lovely group of women, who I would not havehad the chance to meet otherwise.



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