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About the Course


Going Deeper is available to men and women who have completed the Living Purposefully course and want to continue their journey. The focus of Going Deeper is the Examined Life.

The examined life is well described by these great philosophers:

  • For Socrates – the examined life was the attainment of wisdom and intellectual humility.
  • For Dostoyevsky – it meant the resilience of the human soul against evil, pain, hardship and misery.
  • For Seneca – it was having a meaningful goal and striving to perfect ones character.
  • For Hollis – “The examined life is a gift to our soul, helping us take our own journey as fully as possible”

During the course each individual is encouraged to take their own personal journey.

Some of the key topics covered?

This practical course will help individuals articulate:

  • Where am I getting stuck in living who and how I want to?
  • How do I react under pressure, what can be done to change this?
  • What are the enduring patterns that emerge in my life, how can I address them?
  • What are the limiting self-beliefs I have and how can these be altered?
  • Who do I want to be in this world ?


When are the courses held and where?

Going Deeper is held as both a men’s and woman’s course separately. Each course can only accommodate a maximum of 10 individuals.

This course is held in Sheldon, South Brisbane.

How long is the course?

The woman’s course runs for 5 consecutive weeks, whilst the men’s course runs for 4, each session is held in the evening from 6:30pm, and generally runs for two hours each week. Both courses conclude with separate weekends away where you have dedicated time and space to delve deeper into the course content and self reflect.



Course cost is $450 if paid upfront OR $60 per session. Plus weekend away at $200.


2020 Course Dates
Going Deeper Woman’s Course

Wednesday 5th Feb – 4th March + Weekend 20-21st March
Wednesday 27th May – 24th June + Weekend 3-5th July

Going Deeper Men’s Course

Tuesday 4th Feb – Tuesday 25th Feb + Weekend 6-8th March
Tuesday 26th May – Tuesday 16th June + Weekend 26-28th June


To book your space please contact info@livingreal.com.au.

Any questions? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.