Couples Intensives | LivingReal

Couples Intensives are run as a 3 day weekend retreat at a venue of the couples choosing, in the South East Queensland region.

Many executives and Interstate residents cannot access the LivingReal Counselling facilities during the normal working hours. For this reason 3 day intensives can be set up. These intensives are aimed at helping couples address marital or relationship issues that are holding them back from experiencing the true joy that marriage can bring.

Who is this for?

This intensive couples experience is for couples who have identified that they need to address certain issues within their marriage with the help of a third party trained counsellor.


Where is this run?

Once a date has been agreed couple are free to book accommodation of their choosing in the South East Queensland region. Intensives can be held as far south as Byron Bay and as far north as Noosa. All sessions will be run at the accommodation of the couple, with some activities occurring in close proximity, as appropriate.


What is involved?

The intensive weekend occurs over 3 days with the first counselling generally scheduled for 9.00am, Saturday morning and inclusive of the Monday. The days will have approximately 5-6 hours of counselling (depending on intensity and capacity of each individual) and several hours of interactive activity.

Interactive activities are specifically tailored to meet the couples preference and ability. Some of these activities will include, dinners out, hikes outdoor, kayaking along the river, beach walks, professional massages etc.

Activities are an essential add on to hours of intensive couples therapy and used in a way to relax and for the couple to bond and talk.

How to book?

LivingReal generally requires 30 days notice to set up a 3 day intensive. This is only a guide and every effort will be made to meet the needs of the couple who are in serious need of support. The Intensives generally run from a Saturday to Monday inclusive but these days can be adjusted to meet the couples requirements.



The cost of the 3day intensive is approx. $3,000 for a dedicated counsellor and minimum of 15hours counselling. Excluding travel and accommodation.

The Rites of Passage for me was a deep inner journey that helped me to recognise what I need to do on a daily basis to live with self-acceptance, with purpose but without striving to be what I was created to be.


Rites of Passage is a platform that allows you to really connect with yourself and provides the tools to find what you thinkyou’re missing. For me it was another key piece of the jigsaw puzzle of life. Instead, this time I placed this piece in. For the first time I can actually see what I have been partof building for all those years. It’s been inspiring to be part of the journey. I so look forward to connecting deeper in the future with the program!


The LivingReal Rites of Passage was for me, at 48yo, the initiation I never had. This is not just another chapter of knowledge, this is a life changing experience, an integrated passage to take forward into everyday life. I encourage any boy or man to do this, 15 or 75, and become an initiated man. Thankyou Andrew for taking me through my Rite of Passage. Much Love.


Never have I experienced anything like this. I could not recommend highly enough the Rites of Passage journey, from the 30-day preparation, to the location, to the experience of stripping every comfort away and being alone in the forest with yourself. I can honestly say it changed my life. Thank you, Andrew for putting this together. I found courage in me that I had no idea was there.


Any questions? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.