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We often get asked the difference between counselling and coaching. Counselling is a good place to start, particularly when something specific has occurred or needs to be addressed.

These could include, anxiety, depression, trauma, abuse, bullying, non-substance addiction, infidelity and other relationship problems. Counselling is a deep process that helps the client address the presenting problem in a safe one to one environment. It is our aim to not only address the problem but see why it is there in the first place, if not immediately obvious, and hopefully address the problem at its source.



Coaching is a natural step forward from counselling. While counselling addresses the past and present, coaching starts with the present and then looks to the future. This is exciting work. Having overcome or addressed significant challenges in counselling the coach can now ask;

So now what?
What do you believe and where did it originate from?
What do you really want? And what’s holding you back?
What does success look like?
What does it look like if you turn up, as you?

It is important to note that there doesn’t need to be a significant event or trauma in your life for you to seek counselling or coaching, we believe it is important for all individuals to take their personal journey to finding answers to life’s most important questions.


Couples Intensives

Couples or marriage intensives runs for 3days and are for clients who live outside of the South East Queensland region and cannot travel to individual sessions.

Any questions? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.