About | LivingReal

LivingReal is unashamedly holistic in its approach

This means that we focus on the whole person. Unlike some disciplines that have a specific, narrow focus, LivingReal addresses the whole person, including their external environment. We acknowledge and appreciate that problems and challenges present at many levels and consequently need to be addressed appropriately.


We believe that each person has spiritual capacity and this is a necessary part of each person’s journey. Specific focus is also attributed to deeply held values of the heart, where identity structures, coping and control patterns strongly influence daily decisions, often at an unconscious level. Lifetime wounding is also addressed at this deep level.

As with almost all counselling practices the mind is of significance where issues of mood and the ever present thought patterns dominate our daily lives.

At LivingReal we also focus on the body. A clear understanding of a persons physical practice is a significant part of each persons ongoing development. Lastly, each persons’s environment is known to impact and hence these factors are addressed as each client takes their individual journey.

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